What is Adipex – Can I buy Adipex online?

adipex-p-bottleAdipex P is a brand of phentermine which has been manufactured since 1990 by Gate Pharmaceuticals in the US. Sometimes referred to as Adipex, without the P, it is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Adipex P is part of the sympathomimetic amines class of drugs which are commonly known as ‘anoretics’ when used in the treatment of obesity.

Adipex P’s generic name is phentermine hydrochloride, it is available in capsule or tablet form to be taken orally and contains 37.5mg of phentermine hydrochloride, equivalent to 30mg of phentermine base.

It is one of the most prescribed weight loss drugs in the US, being prescribed by over 50% of doctors, and is also considered one of the safest drugs for weight loss. Adipex P works by stimulating the hypothalamus in the brain to release hormones which control hunger, increase metabolism and energy levels and break down stored fats.

Where Can I buy Adipex online – do I need a prescription?

Woman ordering onlineBecause Adipex contains a controlled substance classified as “prescription only” in the US, Canada, UK and countless other countries, A full doctor consultation is necessary in order to determine the drugs suitabilty for the user, and to confirm any existing medical conditions.

There are a number of non-prescription alternatives available, however, it is important to understand that these do not contain phentermine hydrochloride, but rather work to mimic the effects of the drug.

A list of popular non-prescription alternatives to Adipex can be found here – prescription-free Adipex

Forms and Dosage of Adipex P

Adipex P is available either as a capsule or tablet and both come in the one dose of 37.5mg. After a full medical consultation taking into account the patient’s weight, health and age, the doctor will decide which form of Adipex P should be prescribed.

Adipex-P-capsulesTHE GEL CAPSULE provides a slow release or sustained delivery into the bloodstream. These are to be swallowed whole once a day before breakfast, typically 10-14 hours before bedtime.

The capsule should not be crushed or chewed as this will release the entire drug at once and seriously increase the risk of side effects.

One end of the capsule is bright blue and the other end is white, imprinted onto each capsule is “ADIPEX-P” – “37.5″ and two dark blue stripes. Adipex P Capsules are packaged in bottles of 100.

Adipex-P-tabletsTHE TABLETS are immediate release and should be dissolved on the tongue.

Typically these are prescribed to be taken once a day at breakfast, but sometimes doctors might adjust the dose so a half dose can be taken twice, or three times a day, again depending on the individual circumstances of the patient.

These tablets are white with blue speckles and come in bottles of 30. Both the tablet and capsule form should not be taken late in the day this is due to the stimulant nature of the active ingredient phentermine which can lead to insomnia.

Conditions of Prescription

Adipex P was licensed by the FDA for short term treatment of obesity where the patient is either 80-100lbs overweight, or has a BMI of 27 or over and where there is a significant risk of weight related illness such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension.

Its license also stipulates that the course of treatment should be accompanied by a healthy diet plan and schedule of exercise. This should be achievable as the effects of Adipex P will suppress the appetite making it easier to consume fewer calories, whilst also boosting energy and metabolism necessary to undertake physical activity.

The Mayo Clinic recommends a specific diet plan to accompany a course of Adipex P:

A day’s meal plan should consist of 45-65% of calories to come from carbohydrates, 10-35% from protein, 20-35% from healthy fats, 21-25g fibre for women and 30-35g for men.

Sodium should be limited to 1500-2300mg daily, trans fats to 1% of daily calories, saturated fat to 7% of calories, and cholesterol should be limited to 300mg a day or less.

Adipex P cannot be prescribed for more than 12 weeks, typically a course of treatment is six weeks, due to the habit forming nature of phentermine, increased risks of side effects and the body’s intolerance to it over time. The manufacturers suggest that results will be seen within the first 6-10 days of use, and a course of treatment will create a 10-15% increase in weight loss which can then be furthered by diet and exercise.

Common to all phentermine drugs, Adipex P will not be prescribed if the patient takes MAO inhibitors for depression due to the risk of pulmonary hypertension, a potentially fatal lung disease.

It is also unsuitable for pregnant or nursing women, those with high blood pressure, glaucoma, overactive thyroid, a history of alcohol or drug dependency, or those taking other diet drugs due to the increased risks to heart health discovered in the 1997 Fen-Phen study.

Continued Medical Supervision

The doctor will play an important role in monitoring the course of Adipex P, and will make adjustments where necessary.

Patients should inform their doctor immediately if they experience constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting, raised blood pressure, chest pains, palpitations, dizziness, tremors, insomnia or swelling.

Doctors will also monitor the effectiveness of the drug to ensure that the body has not established an early tolerance to it.

Patients are warned not to stop the course of treatment without medical advice due to the risk of withdrawal symptoms which can lead to severe tiredness and depression. The doctor will reduce the dosage slowly to avoid any complicating factors.


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